MTG Alters

Hello and welcome to the part of my website dedicated to Magic the Gathering (MTG) card altering. Altering cards is a process where a design is painted on a magic card, usually the artwork is extended and special effects are added. The materials used are similar to those in miniature painting, and my longtime interest in MTG made it so that I first tried this out in 2019 but got more serious early 2020.

I am not hosting a portfolio here, but you can see all my work on my Instagram account:

Interested in buying any cards you see? Well that is good news, most of what you see on my Instagram is for sale and prices start around 15 €. If you want to have another card painted by me that is also possible. Just contact me at or message me on Instagram. On top of that I am also selling on these platforms (supply can vary and also include non-altered cards):


If you are looking to buy sealed products and accessories I can strongly recommend Element Games. They ship worldwide from the UK, offer good discounts and have a great customer service!

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore