Infinity Mercenaries VII

Another commission for the same customer who ordered the previous Infinity miniatures you can see on my website. As usual it was a mix of figures, some still in the blister, others already assembled or partially painted. In the end I managed to turn these into a consistent group with a good quality finish.

These are some of the miniatures I managed to identify. Follow the links to buy these at a discount:

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

Space Marines Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword

Tried a classic, clean paintjob for this Primaris Lieutenant. The base complements this pretty well in my opinion, it was painted using Vallejo Dark Red Ocre pigment.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

Haqqislam Blackjack & drones

Genestealer Cults Nexos

Crisis 2019

It’s that time of the year again: Crisis! For many years this has been a staple in my event calendar so I was happy to visit again.

With the date set after the original date for the Brexit, I feared a lot of traders would stay away from the journey to Antwerp. Maybe some of them anticipated this and stayed away, but most of them were there. However I felt there were less visitors than last year, although this is difficult to gauge in an event of this size. I heard some German among the crowd, but not so much English than the past few years. We’ll see what next year will bring when the Brexit *might* have happened 🙂

Most traders are the same than the previous years, although there were some eye-catching booths: Wargamer’s Games’ 1666, Ouroboros Miniatures, Discworld, and speaking about staples: Freebooter Miniatures of course 🙂 But the personal highlight for me was Atlantis Miniatures. It was there first time at the show and they caught a lot of attention! They have been running a bunch of kickstarters in the past (I’m not a fan of those so that’s probably why I don’t know them), to build the line of miniatures and planning a skirmish ruleset next year. I resisted in buying some of their stuff, but will probably order some when I have a bit room in my painting schedule.

I bought some brushes, paints, nothing out of the ordinary. So that left me with plenty of time for photo’s and videos, the results of which you can see below: