Work in progress Malifaux Guilty as Charged set

Recently I have been working on a Malifaux commission, here are some work in progress shots.

Overall these are great figures to paint, but the guy being electrocuted is a real challenge :)



Review: Malifaux Guilty as Charged box

A look at the Malifaux Guilty as Charged box, from the Outcasts faction.

Overall a very ¬†nice set, but the assembly of the “guilty” figures was a real challenge :)

Ultramarines unit with commander and drop pod


I painted these up a couple of years ago, but never got to taking a picture of all miniatures together. It was supposed to be the start of my majestic Ultramarines army, but alas I never got any further than this :)

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Painting workshop Lord of the Rings @ Oberonn, Hasselt

A while ago I was asked to give a painting workshop to a group of Lord of the Rings gamers (known as The Fellowship of the Miniatures). I was very happy to agree this of course, so last Saturday I ventured to the Oberonn games store in Hasselt for a day of painting.

I started out with a general introduction, which paints and tools I use, how I prepare and prime my miniatures, a bit of color theory, etc. After that we moved on to the most important part of our miniature: the face! Everyone had prepared one LotR miniature from a starter sprue, not the best quality, but good to do some practice on. After lunch we moved on to finishing the fleshtones and painting the eyes. After that everyone continued with a surface of their choice, applying the basic shading and highlighting techniques I explained to them earlier.

We spent the afternoon together painting, in the end I managed to almost completely finish my Boromir, while helping some other people now and then.

This was the first time I gave such a workshop but I think it worked very well. The only problem were the different skill levels of the participants, but I think that’s something which happens in most workshops. In the end I’m looking forward to doing such a thing again.

I completely forgot to make any good pictures of the participants and their miniatures, so apart from some overview shots all pictures are snapped by Werner. So special thanks for the pictures and for having me as a teacher :)

IMG_20160423_111400 IMG_20160423_111535 IMG_20160423_114803 IMG_20160423_130703 IMG_20160423_131319 IMG_20160423_153007 IMG_20160423_153031 IMG_20160423_153149IMG_20160423_164437

Review: Awaken Realms objective markers

Awaken Realms from Poland is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for several sets of resin scenery and markers:

They were so kind to send me a set so I could review them.