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Ultramarines unit with commander and drop pod


I painted these up a couple of years ago, but never got to taking a picture of all miniatures together. It was supposed to be the start of my majestic Ultramarines army, but alas I never got any further than this :)

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Konrad von Carstein


Painted together with his brother Mannfred, this is Konrad. Well actually I’m not sure they are brothers, Warhammer lore is not really my speciality.

Again, close to the official color scheme, with an alternate skintone, and provided with a display plinth with removable gaming base.

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Count Mannfred von Carstein


This is the first of two Carstein vampires I just finished as a commission. The color scheme is very close to the original one, in combination with some colors I used on a previous project for that same customer (like the skintone for example). The figure is mounted on its original gaming base which can be removed from the larger display plinth (in progress picture here).

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Return to Sigmar

The project I kicked off during the summer months is still in its first phases: the Age of Sigmar starter set. In short assembly is mostly done, but painting-wise my progress can be summarized be the picture below. The entire set contains 47 figures, and I’m still working on the first eight of them :) But that’s ok, for me it’s a break from higher quality work. On the other hand higher quality work will be a break from this very basic painting.


Grand Master Belial of the Deathwing


Grand Master Belial of the Deathwing, a commission I recently finished. Painted very close to the official color scheme, but there was one thing I had to change: the sword. Being Finecast, the sword was very warped and didn’t look very smooth, so I replaced it with a regular terminator sword. Base is left unfinished because the customer will paint and flock it himself, to be in line with the rest of his army.

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