Tag: Games Workshop

Nighthaunt Black Coach

Spent over 40 hours on this project. Great set, a pleasure to paint.

Nighthaunts Liekoron the Executioner

The hourglass was a fun detail, but apart from that this miniature resembles the rank-and-file Nighthaunts a lot, except for his size.

Kurdoss Valentian, The Kraven King

This mini was a real pleasure to build and paint, and also a surprisingly easy one to do so also. Especially the blending on the flag was fun to do and turned out great in my opinion.

Space Marines Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword

Tried a classic, clean paintjob for this Primaris Lieutenant. The base complements this pretty well in my opinion, it was painted using Vallejo Dark Red Ocre pigment.

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Genestealer Cults Nexos