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Infinity PanOceania “Ghosts” 2

Commission, for the same customer and in the same color scheme as the one I did in 2017 (pictures here). Quick and fun to do. The bases are some kind of pre-printer, laser cut MDF with acrylic sight markers.

Infinity Aleph

Another commission in a similar color scheme as the previous ones for this customer.

Infinity Aleph


Really enjoyed painting this small warband of robots and humanoids. The colour scheme suggested by the client really turned out very well.

Combined Army Avatar

Infinity Ariadna warband

This was another commission, and this was the second time I painted the huge Blackjack model. I mainly went with a light-brown color on him since I had to stay close to the box art as requested by the customer. As a secondary color I chose a dark green to stick close to the Marauders box art. The Intel Spec-ops model also allowed me to stay close to these colors, but the Uknown Ranger and Caledonian Mormaers are a bit further off. But in the end this warband looks amazing when put together.