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Genestealer Cults Nexos

Imperial Space Marine

Somewhere last year I won this limited edition model after a sweepstake on YouTube. Decided to paint him up as an Imperial Fists space marine, since I really like painting yellow 🙂

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Ultramarines unit with commander and drop pod

I painted these up a couple of years ago, but never got to taking a picture of all miniatures together. It was supposed to be the start of my majestic Ultramarines army, but alas I never got any further than this 🙂

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Grand Master Belial of the Deathwing

Grand Master Belial of the Deathwing, a commission I recently finished. Painted very close to the official color scheme, but there was one thing I had to change: the sword. Being Finecast, the sword was very warped and didn’t look very smooth, so I replaced it with a regular terminator sword. Base is left unfinished because the customer will paint and flock it himself, to be in line with the rest of his army.

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Blood Angels Death Company