Painting service

Commission work

I am available for commission work. Whether you’re a private collector or a manufacturer looking for a studio painter, if you like my style and want something painted by me, then do no hesitate to contact me.

I have no fixed rates, too many factors have to be taken into account to get to the final prize: complexity of the figure, desired quality of the paintjob, amount of detail on the base, etc.

I am not an army painter, if you are looking for someone to paint that 1000 point space marine army at 5 EUR per infantry then you have come to the wrong place. On the other hand, if you like my painting style and you’re looking for a superbly painted HQ, commander or warband, I’m your man.

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Other services

I am available for painting demos, for manufacturers, clubs, stores, etc.

I am also available for painting lessons, be it in group or in private.

For more information e-mail me: