Dropper bottles are great but when you are using them as well you might know they get clogged up now and then. To fix this I always keep a needle somewhere handy, just insert it into the tip, wiggle out some dried paint, and you’re good to go again.

So I don’t really understand what got into my mind a couple of days ago when I decided to squeeze my bottle of Vallejo Model Color Ice Yellow as hard as I could. What followed was a small disaster: the tip dislodged itself, sending bright yellow slamming down with considerable force down on a small bit of paper towel, where most of the paint landed.

But there was a lot of collateral damage with paint on my favorite hooded sweater, in my hair, on the curtains and on my Age of Sigmar Liberators (6 of 8 were hit) which were nearly finished and still sitting on my painting desk. Yes I know it could have been a lot worse, gaming models like the AoS ones are easier to fix than with a better quality paintjob, and other stuff like my phone and glasses were miraculous saved from the flying paint droplets.