First of all, happy 2019! May all your hobby wishes come true 🙂

At the beginning of 2018 I started logging everything I paint in a dedicated notebook (I might spend another blog post on this). This now makes it very easy to sum it all up:

  • 101 miniatures painted
    • 68 Age of Sigmar
    • 18 Infinity
    • 15 Lord of the Rings
  • 287 hours spent assembling and painting

I think these figures show I have been quite focused the past year. I finally finished the first edition Age of Sigmar starter set, just in time for the release of Soul Wars, which basically occupied most of my painting time in the second half of the year. At the time of writing it’s nearly finished, with only one miniature left! What I also finished was the Shadespire starter set.

Left: first edition starter Stormcasts, front: from the Shadespire starter, right: Soul Wars

The bulk of my Lord of the Rings army was laid out in 2017. I expanded a bit on it last year, but not as much as I would have liked. The Infinity miniatures are all commissions I did for the same customer. He supplies me with some challenging assignments from time to time, with enough time in between to allow me to work on my own projects. I am very happy with the results being so consistent. Basically there weren’t any hiatuses last year. Especially the work on the Soul Wars set I am pretty proud of.

So what will the next year bring? First of all bring my Age of Sigmar stuff together. What I mean by this is taking good overview pictures of the armies and secondly playing a few games. For this I invested in a game mat and some scenery (which I still need to paint). Another upcoming project is the Pelennor Fields set from Lord of the Rings which I bought in September when it was released. This will be my main focus in the coming months. Next to that there are more Infinity miniatures on their way. I don’t consider these resolutions but I am planning on breathing new live into my YouTube channel and also write more on this blog.

I hope your past year was also a success and that you have some good plans for 2019. Thank you for reading this!