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Infinity Operation Icestorm Ariadna

Here are some picture of the Ariadna faction of the Operation Icestorm set. I painted these miniatures in September 2016, when the set was just released. Back then I painted the miniatures to quite a high standard, so they went into the display cabinet instead of ever gaming with them.

Check the painted PanOceania faction here.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

Infinity Operation Icestorm PanOceania

Here are some picture of the PanOceania faction of the Operation Icestorm set. I painted these miniatures in September 2016, when the set was just released. Back then I painted the miniatures to quite a high standard, so they went into the display cabinet instead of ever gaming with them.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

Looking back to 2018, forward to 2019

First of all, happy 2019! May all your hobby wishes come true 🙂

At the beginning of 2018 I started logging everything I paint in a dedicated notebook (I might spend another blog post on this). This now makes it very easy to sum it all up:

  • 101 miniatures painted
    • 68 Age of Sigmar
    • 18 Infinity
    • 15 Lord of the Rings
  • 287 hours spent assembling and painting

I think these figures show I have been quite focused the past year. I finally finished the first edition Age of Sigmar starter set, just in time for the release of Soul Wars, which basically occupied most of my painting time in the second half of the year. At the time of writing it’s nearly finished, with only one miniature left! What I also finished was the Shadespire starter set.

Left: first edition starter Stormcasts, front: from the Shadespire starter, right: Soul Wars

The bulk of my Lord of the Rings army was laid out in 2017. I expanded a bit on it last year, but not as much as I would have liked. The Infinity miniatures are all commissions I did for the same customer. He supplies me with some challenging assignments from time to time, with enough time in between to allow me to work on my own projects. I am very happy with the results being so consistent. Basically there weren’t any hiatuses last year. Especially the work on the Soul Wars set I am pretty proud of.

So what will the next year bring? First of all bring my Age of Sigmar stuff together. What I mean by this is taking good overview pictures of the armies and secondly playing a few games. For this I invested in a game mat and some scenery (which I still need to paint). Another upcoming project is the Pelennor Fields set from Lord of the Rings which I bought in September when it was released. This will be my main focus in the coming months. Next to that there are more Infinity miniatures on their way. I don’t consider these resolutions but I am planning on breathing new live into my YouTube channel and also write more on this blog.

I hope your past year was also a success and that you have some good plans for 2019. Thank you for reading this!

Desktop update September 2017

Time flies! A couple of weeks ago I was still enjoying my summer holiday in very nice weather and today the weather is cold, stormy and the first signs of autumn are already showing. Time to catch up on what’s been happening on my painting desk since the last update!

First some Age of Sigmar updates. It’s now been two years since I started working on the starter box (on and off of course). All Stormcast Eternals are done, so since the last update I finished painting the Retriutors and Prosecutors (you might have seen the pictures on my Instagram account). Soon it will be time to rank them all up for a big photoshoot, promised.

The last twee weeks I spent time on the two Khorne models you see below. After these are done there are only 5 models left to do (including the big Khorne monster which is a sculpt I don’t really like to be honest).



When I’m on holiday I always try to take something with me I can work on. I decided upon another batch of rank & file Mordor Orcs for my LotR army. The amount of paints I need to paint these is quite limited and on top of that painting rank & file can take up some time. So with more time to spend on painting it seems to go a bit quicker 🙂
I also added some standard bearers and a captain (not pictured here).


Speaking of LotR the guy below arrived in the mail today. It’s a Mordor character named Kardush the Firecaller. It’s an OOP metal model, the kind which you can sometimes find on eBay for 50-60 EUR if you’re lucky. I managed to pick this one up on a local second hand site for 15 EUR or so. The only problem is that his staff is broken, but the bit is supplied together with the model and it’s a clean cut so easy to fix.


At the moment of writing an exiting commission just came in, but that’s something for a next blog post. Take care!

New beginnings

In November last year I reported about my painting gear being packed up and stored. For the last 5 months we’ve been working on our house renovation project like crazy and last weekend all that hard work finally paid off. We moved out of our temporary living/dining room and occupied our new and improved living room and kitchen.

This means the room is available again for the purposes it served previously, with one important part being my preferred location for painting 🙂

Yesterday I cleaned the room and earlier tonight I assembled my desk again. There’s not much to see but here’s a picture anyway. A picture of an empty desk, you probably don’t understand why I’m so excited about this 😀


As you might notice the desk is placed in the corner where my other desk (used for storage and assembly) was originally located. This desk was mainly just storage so I will look for an alternative solution for this (probably some shelves agains the wall).

Apart from that I want to invest into a paint storage system instead of my home-made paint stand. I am currently looking to HobbyZone’s modular system.


More coming very soon 😀