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Work in progress Malifaux Guilty as Charged set

Recently I have been working on a Malifaux commission, here are some work in progress shots.

Overall these are great figures to paint, but the guy being electrocuted is a real challenge 🙂



Return to Sigmar

The project I kicked off during the summer months is still in its first phases: the Age of Sigmar starter set. In short assembly is mostly done, but painting-wise my progress can be summarized be the picture below. The entire set contains 47 figures, and I’m still working on the first eight of them 🙂 But that’s ok, for me it’s a break from higher quality work. On the other hand higher quality work will be a break from this very basic painting.


Plinths and bases

I’ve been working on a Vampire Counts commission for the past few weeks. The customer requested the figures to be mounted on display plinths, but with removable bases, something which is always fun to do 🙂

With square bases this is also quite an easy process by cutting several layers of cork plate to match the outline of the base.

The finishing was done using some flock, static grass and pigment powders. I also painted the wooden display plinths with regular Vallejo Inks. A final layer of gloss varnish still has to be applied, but it’s looking quite good already.